SAP Business All-in-One for retail. Retailers form the key link between consumers and the wider economy. For sector players, success depends on the product range: if it accurately reflects consumer tastes, profitability and customer loyalty are guaranteed. In a fiercely competitive market, retailers can also use service provision and targeted discount campaigns as differentiators. SAP Business All-in-One for retail creates customer-focused shopping experiences.


To ensure that your shelves always have the right quantities of popular products, you need to monitor the market and consumer preferences on a continuous basis. With SAP Business All-in-One for retail, this information can then be utilised to generate intelligent requirements analyses. Following this, you can then create, coordinate and implement appropriate business plans. Functions for article data maintenance let you create product master data and gives you detailed information about individual categories: beyond single products, you can also manage structured articles such as lots, sales sets and displays. Given the huge quantities of data involved, the software supports mass data with functions for template handling and maintenance groups, while characteristic values are managed with value grouping and characteristics profiles. You specify prices and retail campaigns, and whatever the product category or marketing channel, the data is universally available in the ERP system for viewing and modification. The profitability of individual products, suppliers, branches and customers can all be seen at the press of a button.


Your supply chains have to work together like clockwork: which is why functions for end-to-end supply chain management are provided to support your purchasing and delivery processes. The industry solution gives you precise availability data plus real-time stock checking tightly integrated with accounting – for warehouse management, branch business and transportation. Additional functions also enable optimised picking strategies, cross-docking and pallet tracking with handling units and barcodes, all in accordance with current legal requirements. This gives you a well-oiled warehouse management system and ensures you can avoid stockouts that harm your business. Delivery to the consumer is aided by route planning functions that ensure your goods reach your customers on time and without defects.


You plan your marketing campaigns centrally and always include participating branches in planning well in advance. Your campaign planning takes into account all important factors such as duration, quantities, prices, expected sales and logistic parameters, as well as data from earlier campaigns.  The software distinguishes between general marketing campaigns that do not differentiate between individual customers, as well as personalised campaigns where you offer special conditions to your customer base – such as limited-time discounts or special offers.