Service and support portfolio

[Translate to English:] Service- und Supportangebote von Cpro

Whatever your requirements are, and whatever the challenges you are looking to face in the future – or whichever SAP solutions you already have in place: our Service team assists you throughout the lifecycle of your software solution, from the strategic planning and rollout stages to operations and continuous optimisation. Our objective here is to make you and your staff so competent that you can take action yourselves. Our team of experts assists you every step of the way, offers guidance and develops solutions.



  • Design of authorisation models
  • Setup and assignment of permissions to SAP users
  • Scheduling/checking of standard background jobs in SAP systems
  • Scheduling, checking, restart, troubleshooting and management of background jobs in applications
  • Printer setup
  • Transport management system setup, execution of transport requests
  • Client and system copies
  • Interface setup
  • Creation of customer reports
  • Provisioning and application of SAP Notes, patches, add-ons and support packages
  • System measurements
  • Changes to forms